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ECA | 10 October, 2006

Does anyone have experience with electrically conductive adhesives? We're looking to try one (don't know whose), but I'm concerned with degradation of the adhesive over time or thermal cycling. Any success or horror stories would be appreciated.

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ECA | 11 October, 2006

Yes, the main horror story is the cost.

Also you will have to dispense/print in lower quantities and with different patterns than solder paste.

It does not wick up device legs, it will not correct a part during reflow (no floating action)and will only give a joint on the contact points, not a nice heal fillet on anything.

We have carried out numerous trials with the Loctite version - especially for use with Lumileds, and although all went well (conductivity, adhesion etc.)no-one liked the price of the product.

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