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Jot Buffer into loader

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Jot Buffer into loader | 7 October, 2006

Hi does anyone know if it is possible to convert a JOT buffer into a board loader only? We plan to hand load the machine on one end to fill up the 30 slots and have the machine just feed that to the rest of the line.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Jot Buffer into loader | 9 October, 2006

It should unload automatically thru the SMEMA. Getting it to think it's always full will be the trick. You may have to call JOT to reprogram your unit.

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Jot Buffer into loader | 21 October, 2006

Of course. It has a dynamically programmable PLC. This means that you can program it into virtually whatever you want it to do, as long as it is within that particular conveyour specification. JOT doesn't normally give this "s/w manual" and "the hand held program unit" out, when they ship the conveyors but it is still a standard PLC. I bet if You talk to the Finish guys, You will find them very eager to help You.

Ha, did I miss something? There should be a couple of switch settings on the conveor front and with these you can set it up to whatever you want. /

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