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MyData TP9-2U PC simulator

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MyData TP9-2U PC simulator | 29 July, 2006

G'day from Oz, I want to teach my wife to drive the MyData TP9-2U & would like to make a PC simulator she can practice with at home to understand the concepts of operation.

Using TPSys 2.2.3L software, if I try to install it on a PC as a TP9, it baulks because it cannot find a CP4, VVG or VVG2 image processing hardware.

I can install it as a DB server, but it, (obviously), lacks a lot of menus of the real thing.

I'm wondering if I take a HDD image using Ghost etc. of the real TP9, whether it would work on a VGA card?

Secondly, I'm wondering if I could run TPsys console using Telnet:- I don't really want to put another PC on my wife's desk.

Setup as a DB server, I didn't know the telnet login password, but telnet seems to be running.

Thanks in advance.

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