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Immersion Silver Board Finishes

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Immersion Silver Board Finishes | 25 July, 2006

Good morning, I got a question regarding Immersion Silver Board Finish. It has been imposed on us by our customer that we must manufacture PCB through the SMT process within 24 hours of breaking the seal on a bag of PCB containing Immersion Silver. Is this common? What we have been doing is storing the boards in a Nitrogen dry box until we are ready to run them. What is the reasoning behind this especially if the SMT room is temperature/humidity controlled?

Thanks and have a great day.

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Immersion Silver Board Finishes | 25 July, 2006

There reasoning is ignorance. They are most likely concerned about tarnish on PCB surface. We have let immersion silver PCBs sit out open for 10 days in a noncontrolled enviromnent. We had no issues with these assemblies and they were segregated and tested as a control lot through ORT type testing. There was tarnish present on PCBs prior to assembly and test. We have found that if we keep in silver saver paper we have yet to find issue with PCBs at all.

no help, but your customer needs to listen to you. Ask them why they require this and what substantiates it


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Immersion Silver Board Finishes | 26 July, 2006

We agree with Russ. Consider using guidelines provided by the licensor of the process used by your board fabricator as the basis for your board handling methods.

If your customer doesn't understand, mark-up the product price to cover your additional handling costs.

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Immersion Silver Board Finishes | 26 July, 2006

This is for all boards not just our immersion silver PCBS. We went out bought a shrink wrap and anytime they get open the stock people have to rewrap them. We had to do this in order to get a couple new customers a couple years ago and now its just a common pratice.

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