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New SMT Line

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New SMT Line | 21 July, 2006


I want to setup new line for SMT assembly with used equipment. I am new in smt feild Please guide we want to do 10,000 boards / month size is 9X7 inch with 110 smd components. What should i look for in a machine. Thanks.


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New SMT Line | 21 July, 2006

Do the math first. 10,000 boards a month means 440 boards a day (roughly, and not including weekends). Do you plan 2 shifts or only one? If one, you need to produce a board about every minute if you work an 8 hour shift. If all 110 parts are on one side, you may want to think a chip shooter in line with a odd form placer. This will break up your tact time through each machine. Not knowing your mix of parts this is a rough guess. Next think screen printer. Find one that can keep up and perform any inspection you deem needed. Finally think oven. I believe a 7 zone would be enough to keep up with this tact time. Again, depending on your mix of parts, board layout etc.. this is a rough guess. A 10 zone would easily get you what you need with this size board.

A double sided board is a different ball of wax. You may get away with a single chip shooter for each side and maintain your throughput. Again it depends on your part mix and size. Do you want to populate one side at a time and run the boards through twice on a single sided line, or double your equipment and run them through a true double sided line?

Other things to think about are multi-up panels. A 2-up panel will increase through put. At 110 parts, I believe you should start to think in this direction. BUT, this may mean you need to router to separate them later. When it come to placement equipment, think about things like full reels of parts versus just strips of parts. If you only deal in strips you need to find a placement machine that can handle strips. Same goes with trays. Fiducials, bearkaways, parts clearance, etc� can all be a pain if not thought through all the way.

I didn�t mention any brand names of equipment since you need to determine that yourself. No one can do this unless they know your companies needs, product and processes.

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New SMT Line | 21 July, 2006

You say you are new to SMT. If no one at your facility has SMT experience you will want to get equipment that comes with good support and excellent training. This can be difficult with used equipment. Make sure the equipment you end up selecting has good support in your area and comes with training or budget training in.


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New SMT Line | 21 July, 2006

For calculation let me keep future production in mind so for producing 1000 board/day X 110 component means 1,10000 / 8hr/day = 13,750 cph so I have to select a chip shooter between 15-20k cph. any sujested model of Fuji or Panasonic with this speed.

Our board is almost single sided SMD with about 10 component thru hole from other side. 110 component of 40 differnt type.

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New SMT Line | 24 July, 2006

Better plan on machine that places >20k per hour by MFG. spec. we use 60% of advertised speed for time calcs it usually ends up being quite close to actual.


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