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CP642 | 20 July, 2006

Hi there to all, I have noticed one of my cp is making very loud thumping sound from the table lately. This noise is only from X-axis not the Y at all. Here are the following things that I went through so far: checked if this was due to lack of lubricant,checked the x-axis motor, checked the wire race track, and the bearings on both ends. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Vikka

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CP642 | 21 July, 2006

If its just the X axis then I would say that there is most likely something wrong with the ball screw. Does it only do it when the axis is moving fast ? Take the support plates out and check for anything out of the ordinary under there.

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CP642 | 21 July, 2006

I have checked the lead screw and guide rails. There is't any apparent damaged to any one of them. I was hoping it be the guide rails because they are much eaier to repalce than the lead screw. If I start messing around the lead screw, It would require calibration. I am fully qualifed to performe that but I want to identify source of noise first.

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CP642 | 21 July, 2006

I've seen something like that on our CP5. The problem was the nut retaining the leadscrew to the bearing (motor side) that became too tight due to an error from the operator.

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CP642 | 1 August, 2006

Had a similar problem on a high speed drilling machine. It took 1 month before I found it. In the leadscrew ball nut, there was a guide tube which the balls circulate through. at the end of the tube is a shaped lip. This lip was damaged and the balls were occaisonaly jamming on each other on the return bend. It sounded like something metal violently jamming and the bed kept jerking. When I took ball screw out of machine it seemed perfectly OK. Sent it off for service, they fixed the tube and replaced the balls which had flats on them with new balls. Worked perfect ever since.

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