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smema | 11 July, 2006

I am looking for some help and/or guidance. Our company is currently using a panasonic MPAG3 fine pitch machine, we just recently bought a universal conveyor for the downline operation, when I plug the smema cable from the panasonic into the universal conveyor, it puts the plcc inside the universal conveyor to a fault mode. I am aware that the panasonic machine uses a different type of signal for communicating to other conveyors. does anyone know how these 2 peices of equipement should be configured to work together?

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smema | 12 July, 2006

The conveyor program in the Allen Bradley PLC may be bad. I think it is a Micrologic 2000. You may have to re-program it using a hand held unit. Can't halp You with the Pana. I'm a Universal kind of guy.

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smema | 12 July, 2006

FYI Here is the SMEMA Link for the generic interface configuration.


These Doc should give you the SMEMA pin outs.


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smema | 12 July, 2006

I want to thank you for your help. after further investigation into the panasonic machine one our technicians was able to fix the issue. The panasonic machine uses a 5 volt signal and normal smema uses a 24 volt signal. To make these 2 machine talk to each other, panasonic has a convertor box that uses 2 4 pin molex connectors, then 1 smema connection to the new conveyor. the molex connectors were inside of the machine not labeled. we took the chance and tried using the connections and the machines worked liek they should.

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