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Label feeders

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Label feeders | 14 June, 2006

Is anyone aware of any manufacturers of kapton dots for masking boards that come on tape with feed holes punched on the side? It seems like it would be pretty easy to modify a standard feeder to to do labels if the carier was punched for a standard feeder. I assume that Hover Davis label feeders do not require this and have a different drive mechanism?

Thanks for any imput!!

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Label feeders | 15 June, 2006

You are correct, the Hover Davis label feeder works on 'un-punched' flat carrier. Get a sample of your dots on the tape and send it to Hover Davis to see if their feeder will work for you.

The Hover Davis feeder will peel the dot off of the tape so the dot can be picked via vacuum to be delivered to the board.

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Label feeders | 20 June, 2006

Hello adlsmt,

I am the Product Manager for Hover-Davis for our Direct Products which include label feeders. Frank is correct that you can give us a sample, 150-200 labels and we can perform the application test to see if we can handle your specific application.

Hover-Davis Phone - 585-352-9590 email -

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Label feeders | 20 June, 2006


That's a good idea, and what are you doing, masking before a wave?


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Label feeders | 21 June, 2006

Yep, we either use kapton tape or mask now depending on the application. It would be nice to be able to do it on a machine but the Hover-Davis label feeders are very expensive. May not be worth the cost for the volumes we run.

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Label feeders | 22 June, 2006


Cool, and that would be a fantastic idea to do it in the SMT phase with a machine, and much faster. Your right about the feeder costs, and I guess you might be able to pick up something second hand?



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