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BGA Underfill Rework

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BGA Underfill Rework | 1 June, 2006


We repair mobile (cellular) phones, and most are now having their u-BGA IC's underfilled. Can anyone suggest methods for removal of the IC's ?

The manufacturers are very vague when it comes to this process, but are starting to get tired of us replacing PCB's just because a glued IC is faulty.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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BGA Underfill Rework | 2 June, 2006

try to use BGA rewok station of FONTON

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BGA Underfill Rework | 5 June, 2006

Check with the adhesive manufacturer. Not all underfill material is reworkable. Brian

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BGA Underfill Rework | 7 June, 2006

This is true but even the so called reworkable underfill takes a lot of effort. We use a loctite reworkable that requires heat to soften the underfill. Once the component is removed we use acetone and a swab to scrub the pcb clean. This can be very time consuming.

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BGA Underfill Rework | 9 June, 2006

Thanks for the info. I've been able to arrange some training with the local branch of Samsung, who are getting engineers from Korea to come over to teach us. It sounds like an exercise in wasted time and manpower to me, but that's what you get I suppose.

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