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5 zone ovens

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5 zone ovens | 26 May, 2006


We have a 5 zone oven and we use a RTS Profile. Our last zone is the zone that the reflow takes place. some basic analysis is as follows: TAL 70 secs, peak temp 210,ramp rate seems fine. A typical setting is : Z1 140 Z2 160 Z3 160 Z4 185 Z5 220 speed 18inch/min

Can any other 5 zone users share some info. regarding their profile seetings:

I am starting to do some final trials for leadfree and would like to get some info. on how others profile.

All replies greatly appreciated.


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5 zone ovens | 26 May, 2006

the oven is convection reflow

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5 zone ovens | 26 May, 2006


For lead free, I've always left the ramp part the same and just spike higher in the reflow zone. I've also slowed things down a bit (5" per sec. slower)....without using prediction software, try, say... Z4 200 & Z5 260.

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5 zone ovens | 26 May, 2006

Here are settings for a Vitronics SMR500 oven for Indium Corp. 5.1 No-Clean Pb Free solderpaste, the product profiled was of medium thermal mass:

RTS, Temp C 120, 170, 195, 248, 264, conveyor speed was 43cm/min (17"/min.)

Peak temps were reached in 3.5minutes

Max + slope was 2.22C/sec.

Time Above 217C was 50 sec.

Three components were probed, thermocouples soldered with hi-temp solder, their max temps were 229C, 234C & 235C respectively.

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5 zone ovens | 29 May, 2006

Thanks Guys.

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