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What is the solution for removing epoxy on BGA chips?

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Manvendra Verma


What is the solution for removing epoxy on BGA chips? | 16 May, 2006

What is the solution for removing epoxy on BGA ics?

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What is the solution for removing epoxy on BGA chips? | 21 May, 2006

Epoxy Removal and IC Delidding [Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty, Chapter 14] Encapsulation of critical components using epoxy or other adhesives is commonly done to prevent tampering and device access (the microprocessor shown in Figure 14.9 is covered by a hard epoxy encapsulate to prevent probing). There are many different types of epoxies and resins that can be used to provide component protection. * Some of this material can be dissolved or removed using chemicals (such as Methylene Chloride or Fuming Nitric Acid). * A quick-turn solution is to use a Dremel tool or drill with a wooden bit (such as the shaft of a cotton swab or a toothpick). Moving the drill lightly along the epoxy surface will weaken and thin the bonding material. It is recommended that you take proper precautions and wear protective gear for this stage of the attack. Once the epoxy is removed from the component, you may be able to begin probing the device.

For more complicated product designs, IC delidding and analysis of the silicon die might need to take place (especially if security features are in place to prevent proper reading from a memory device as described in the �Memory Retrieval� section). The goal of delidding is to get access to the actual die of the integrated circuit (which could be a microprocessor, analog or digital memory, or programmable logic). IC delidding is extremely difficult without the use of proper tools because hazardous chemicals are often required and the underlying die is very fragile. Decapsulation products are offered by companies such as Nisene Technology Group, formerly B&G International (Nisene Technology Group; 300 Westridge Dr. Watsonville, CA 95076; 831-761 7980 F 831-761 2992 that will aid in certain types of epoxy removal.

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the companies referenced above.

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What is the solution for removing epoxy on BGA chips? | 2 June, 2006

Is this the new Xbox 360 You are talking about? So the "modchip" doesn't work? Hmm... Can You please tell us what the purpose of the dissolution of the epoxy on the BGA You would like to do? /

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