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Solder Bridging on Nexlev Connector

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Solder Bridging on Nexlev Connector | 7 May, 2006

I am seeing high solder bridging for Nexlev Connector.Can someone advise what are the factors causing Solder Brdiging for Nexlev issues.

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Solder Bridging on Nexlev Connector | 9 May, 2006

The NexLev connector is built in a stripline construction, providing a continuous ground plane for each signal contact. The connectors come as tenrow connectors with 100, 200, or 300 positions at possible stacking heights from 10 mm to 30 mm. Technical figures are at:

Aside from that, we wouldn't know a Nexlev connector from a shoebox. So, our bridging recommendations are chalk. Regardless, they better than anything else the fine folk here have offered. * Mis-placement: misplaced components, high placement force mushrooms paste * Too much paste: HASL thickness, lead finish, poor underside support, poor underside wipe frequency, printing with too large a snap-off, poor stencil design / manufacture, board warp, poor stencil gasketing, high squeegee down-force * Paste slump: paste quality, too much time between print and reflow, poor reflow profile * Misprinted paste * Poor gasketing * Inadequate under stencil cleaning

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