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Wavesoldering of PLCC44 package

Istv�n Dominik


Wavesoldering of PLCC44 package | 25 February, 2000


We should wavesolder a PLCC44 package. The PCB is under the design procedure now and we must specify the best parameters (the orientation (45 or 90 degrees) of the package on the PCB,the number, the positon and the size of the solder thief pads, etc.). Has anybody experience about the wavesoldering of this component? What kind of design gave the best soldrering result?

Many thanks for the help in advance.

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Re: Wavesoldering of PLCC44 package | 25 February, 2000

This probably won't help much but I find it at least a little interesting. During some experimentation recently I accidently loaded a board into the wave upside down and it had a PLCC 68 package along with other types of components that had only been SMT reflowed on with no glue, after the wave process this component had re-soldered perfectly with no shorting and didn't fall off! The orientation was 90 deg. I wouldn't bet the farm on this one due to the infamous sample of one but at least I got a laugh out of it!


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Re: Wavesoldering of PLCC44 package | 25 February, 2000

Istv�n: Given a choice, I�d run second side PLCC44s at 90� to the wave. As far as thieves are concerned, I�d have two, mirror images of each other. Unlike most, these thieves are not connected to pads. They are out-side of the last pad on the sides of the component to see the wave. One way to describe them is:

* Add a 2mm square of copper, oriented as the component, with a corner just touching the out-side trailing corner of the trailing pad on each side. * Remove a 45� chamfer of copper from corner of the thief that�s touching the pad, leaving a 0.6mm space between the pad and the thief. * Courtyard is 23mm centered on the centered of the component.

Good luck

Dave F

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Re: Wavesoldering of PLCC44 package | 25 February, 2000

Russ: You're correct, running second side SMDs on the wave without adhesives is more fun than a lot of people think. Ta. Dave F

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