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Edge Clearance

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Edge Clearance | 3 May, 2006


What DFM is standard for Minimum Edge Clearance on a PCB for Fiducials and components?

Any advice appreciated.


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Edge Clearance | 3 May, 2006

IPC or DFM? Most DFMs are controlled by the equipment restrictions which will define this parameter.

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Edge Clearance | 3 May, 2006

Most, if not all, DFX guidelines are Equipment dependant. You can provide standard requirements in your DFX guidlines (edge clearance, component keep-out, height restrictions, etc...) along with an exceptions report for increased cost.

just a thought...

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Edge Clearance | 3 May, 2006

SMEMA standards are 5mm edge clearance

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Edge Clearance | 4 May, 2006


Have you been off on a Yogic enlightenment course, or does the filter need changing on the purex unit nearest your desk?

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Edge Clearance | 4 May, 2006

Sounds like you're mad because they installed a "Yogic Only" express lane at your Wal Mart. I hate that too. I did replaced the filter in my Purex unit with a little somthing else, but if you worked here, you'd do it too.

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Edge Clearance | 6 May, 2006

We get away with edge clearance of 5 mm on the bottom side and 3 mm on the top side. This is mainly because of our BTU-reflow ovens. The rest of our assy-line can handle 3 mm edge clearence.

Assuming that a double sided pcba is running secondary side first.

However, our recommendation to the "layouters" is 5 mm edge clearence in general. But if the "layouters" need to pack the board extensively, 3 mm is ok for the last run on a double sided (or a single sided board). And this happens once in a while. /Regards

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