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Machine utilization - splicing

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Machine utilization - splicing | 18 April, 2006

We are using Siemens pick and place machine for chip placement. Our goal is to continuous production during component replenishment. In Siemens machine, the feeders that can be removed, reloaded, and placed back on the machine while the machine is running (without missing a beat). We have 4 Siemens machine and there may be more than 50 feeders. How can the operator will be visually notified when the reel falls below a set level? Right now the operator is always on look out walking from one machine to the next and sometime she has to take out the reel to check.

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QTEK Manufacturing Ltd.


Machine utilization - splicing | 19 April, 2006

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. launched a revolutionary new product last November at the Productronica Exhibition in Germany, which was the QTEK Splice Clip and Tape, which eliminates the awkward handling problems commonly associated witht the splicing process. QTEK's new innovative design is an easy to use, labour saving development which combines the clip and splice on the one piece and ensures an accurate and reliable connection every time. This product can be viewed in full on or for more information please feel free to contact me directly at

QTEK also provide splice tape for intelligent feeders which means that the machine can count the number of components used, and will signal that the end of a reel is near. Please contact me for more details.

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Machine utilization - splicing | 27 April, 2006

As I recall, several years ago, Siemens was developing a tape splice detector for at least the 8mm feeders, this was coupled with a method of entering the number of components on the new reel. This in theory allowed the machine to give a warning before the reel ran out and before splicing became impossible. As this was being developed in the US it is likely that it got scrapped when things got tight a few years ago, there'd be no harm in asking your Siemens rep about it though.

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Machine utilization - splicing | 3 August, 2006

This software option called CLS (component level server) and could be used with or withoout splice detection system, which are existing for all S-type feeders

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Machine utilization - splicing | 3 August, 2006

Have a look at a Yamaha Hyper series feeder. Their set up gives you a rough idea of when the tape will run out. Simple but reasonably effective.

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