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Mydata tools

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Mydata tools | 13 March, 2006

Guys - do any of you know anyplace I can buy Mydata tools cheaper than from Mydata? My operators seem to have an addiction to smashing them, which is getting expensive. They're being "trained" to avoid this, but in the interim, I'd like to try and save at least a few bucks.

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Mydata tools | 13 March, 2006

Billy- I have some Mydata tools now, they are from another supplier. I am something of a perfectionest and these are not up to the quality standards of the nozzles that we make ourselves, but my supplier does replace his defective parts. If you have time to try them before putting them into production, they may work for you. I mentioned in a previous post on this subject that I would like to start retipping these tools. This would involve some time shipping broken tools to me and communication about sample tools and in return I try would to enough sample tools to make it worth your trouble, plus preferential pricing in the future. Fred Calkins

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