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MyDATA programming

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MyDATA programming | 11 March, 2006

I will be learning how to program with Gerber file. How can I prepare myself now? So I can be ready and have it easier later? Any tips or books I can read?

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MyDATA programming | 13 March, 2006

Get the manual from the tool that you will convert the GERBER data with. Get familiar with the different types of GERBER (274X or 274D). 274X has the aperture data loaded inside of it. 274D you will require an aperture list (separate text file to load). Most of the "Lingo" you will need will be in the manual for the programming tool that you will use. If you do not have a tool yet, CircuitCAM from AEGIS is descent and has a Mydata output file.

Good Luck.

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MyDATA programming | 13 March, 2006

Get a book on effective complaining. Gerbers is not a good way to program. Matching up the designators is but one headache. At the very least try and get centroid data. But try for ascii cad files.

Are there any programs that generate gerbers but can't output ascii cad files? AFAIK it's always simply a matter of getting the PCB layout person to output the file you want and have it sent to you. OK Ok that's not always a simple thing to arrange, but it should be.

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