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Prepreg Grain Direction

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Prepreg Grain Direction | 3 March, 2006


Anyone ever perform a DOE on prepreg glass bundle direction or glass bundle grain and how or if it affects PCB warpage and chip component cracking at V-score depanel? Since most FR4 and prepreg has has 1.4 times more fiber bundles in one direction than the other, does this warp a panel one direction more than the other direction. Which way will it warp? Is it better to alternate the layers fiber grain direction at PCB prepreg lamination or have the grain running the same direction? Does the fiber grain direction increase or decrease chip component cracking at V-score depaneling when fiber grain is perpendicular of parallel to the chip component length?

I am going to do this experiment but wonder if it has already been done by one of you.



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Prepreg Grain Direction | 6 March, 2006

Not here, but I'd be interested in hearing what you found.

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Prepreg Grain Direction | 8 March, 2006

On my site and in my book, there is considerable information answering all your questions.

Visit and choose your area of interest. All information listed is free.


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