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Counterfit parts

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Counterfit parts | 15 February, 2012

I know there are numerous articles about counterfit parts. I am wondering can anyone tell me if there is a standard that I can hold my vendors to, also how do I know that the paper they send me stating that parts are real is genuine. Its seems to me if you can fake parts you could fake a piece of paper. I need help. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Counterfit parts | 15 February, 2012

To get started look here:

On your lingering disbelief of your suppliers truthfulness in the C of C: Periodic auditing of their truthfulness by your QA peeps or a third party is an accepted approach.

Other things that may help: * A Buzz Session on Supply Chain Issues at IPC APEX 2012 in San Diego that includes counterfeit parts * A group on LinkedIn that discusses counterfeit parts * CALCE counterfeit symposium


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Counterfit parts | 16 February, 2012

No-one should be accepting parts based solely on the presence of a C of C - from an independent or even an authorized distributor. You should have a QC plan in place that includes comprehensive visual inspection, microscope, x-ray, XRF, decapsulation, solderability, etc.

Some standards to follow in regards to inspection techniques: IDEA 1010B (ICE-3000 certification) AS9120 CCAP101

I'm sure there are many I am not mentioning, but these should be applied at the very least.

With the recent SASC uproar over counterfeit parts being found in US Government equipment, it is extremely important for any and all companies involved in this industry to verify the authenticity of any and all devices that come through their door.

In my opinion as an experienced inspector, if you're not inspecting you shouldn't be in the business. Gone are the days of bringing in devices and sending them to your customer without a glance. Due dilligence is required by both the distributor and the customer.

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Counterfit parts | 16 February, 2012

Thank you for the information. Are these items downloadable or do I need to purchase software or hardware for the information. Also how can I move forward without spending millions on equipment and inspectors. I am all in favor of reviewing that parts problem is my company does not really understand the problem and is having a hard time justifing the expense. Any Ideas would be welcome.

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Counterfit parts | 16 February, 2012

One more that we use - SAE AS5553. The document is downloadable from SAE, but of course for a price.

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Counterfit parts | 17 February, 2012

All standards are available for download for a fee from the respective websites.

Getting caught selling counterfeit components could cost you millions, the loss of your business, and jail time. Paying for the standards and proper training courses/certifications for your inspectors is a no-brainer.

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