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DEK Printer File Format

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DEK Printer File Format | 21 May, 2018

Hi Experts, We have some DEK printers and I would need to extract information from multiple programs like pressure, speed, etc. I would like to make an script to get it, but I first need to know the file format.

After performing a backup the file format are with extensions: ISD (binary) PR1 (binary) PXF (XML)

Also, if I check at the running processes in that machine I see that there is a MSSQL server running. Do you know if it is possible to access it?

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DEK Printer File Format | 7 June, 2018

Hello Diego, i will try to help you. Can you tell me which software of the DEK you use, also machine (Horizon, ela, etc)? In our machines (NEOHorizon 03ix) we can get this type of information in a few ways, but it requested by us to dek. We are using the dek closed loop software and we get barcodes, printer information etc. There is an older version in which also with screen printer feedback you can get a folder with every panel information in XML. I dont know how can you get this any other way. Hope this was helpful.

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DEK Printer File Format | 14 June, 2018

We have horizon 03i and neo horizon 03ix

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DEK Printer File Format | 15 June, 2018

Hello, so i am not sure about the MSSQL. But i think that you have to order the printer feedback function or the closed loop software. Here is what we get in those files, which i think is okay for you:

2018-06-13T10:37:42.11 DEK 1_8241812441,2_8241812442,3_8241812443,4_8241812444 Printed 2018-06-13T10:37:42.10 Reverse 10 mm seconds 0 0 0 4 28.3 222 205 234 0 234 223 1.5 6.6 0.2 50 1 25.8818054199219 51.9745864868164

All data is in xml, so here didnt come up well. If you need more information contact me.

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