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SMT manufacturers | 20 April, 2018

I'm seeking an SMT contractor in China who have equipment that can populate up to 1200mm long PCBs. Anybody know of any?

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SMT manufacturers | 20 April, 2018

But you would find that on Google. Given the quantity of suppliers. Questions like do they speak English if you need to resolve problems, where are they. For instance Shenzhen has an Airport. and good hotels with flush toilets. You learn to appreciate this. But its prices tend to be higher! More out of the way places are cheaper, but you lose the advantage if you spend a day on the High Speed train to get there. What are your Chinese language skills?



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SMT manufacturers | 23 April, 2018

So you are looking for a Contract Manufacturer that can build 4ft boards in China? Have you tried in the States?

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SMT manufacturers | 24 April, 2018

No because the other components that make up the product are sourced in China, and it makes logistics sense to assemble there also.

Having said that, please pass on any US contact that you have.


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SMT manufacturers | 24 April, 2018

Hi we can make it pls send email to thank you

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SMT manufacturers | 19 May, 2018

Hello Tom ,

You can search it by google or some B2B platform , We are China manufacturer of SMT board level shielding and contact clip ,Any interested can find on

Thanks , Jingyi Precision

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SMT manufacturers | 25 May, 2018

Ccontact us,we'll supply you sample within 36 hours.

Email phone:86-17707340946

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