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ERSA Wave Solder 330-F Spray Fluxer

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ERSA Wave Solder 330-F Spray Fluxer | 20 April, 2018

We purchased a ERSA Wave Solder 330-F machine recently "As Is", with NO warranty.

Trying to get the machine started, we've ran into trouble with the Spray Fluxer ESF. During the initial verification run, the spray fluxer would move 4 times to the center of tank, and then fault out.

Initially we thought it could be the Light Barrier, as it counts the 32 notches to determine position and speed. But after testing showed even without the barrier connected, it still faulted with the same problem.

After resetting the module inside the Fluxer, and restoring to factory defaults, this allowed the Wave Machine to then be started in Manual mode, all other functions tested, and machine otherwise runs fine... Except for the Fluxer.

Question is: The ERSA ESF is now asking for configuration. These are exact messages:

...Hello PLC...

Waiting for Config.

OPUS-12-S V4.07

*Data Compare Err* 01 02 06 15 FFFF

I can't seem to figure out how to load any program or configuration file into the system. With the ERSA PC software or by keyboard on machine, you can set the Fluxer controls but it doesn't seem to bind with the Fluxer config.

Again, we have no technical support or warranty for this machine. ANY help would be greatly appreciated... Even if it's just how to get a config loaded, and I can then program myself.

Thanks Shawn Core Technology, INC

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