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Universal Instruments Feeders

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Universal Instruments Feeders? | 4 March, 2018

I am looking at a Universal Instrument Machine that accepts 24V/42V feeders. What is the benefit of the newer feeders? Which ones are more reliable for 8mm?

Why are they so expensive? Pneumatic Yamaha run $50 new from china.

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Universal Instruments Feeders? | 5 March, 2018

> Why are they so > expensive?

Feeders are expensive, you can easily have considerably more invested in feeders than the placement machine. On new machines you won't find feeders coming in at much less than $500/each, often considerably more. As a rule the more recent the design, the faster and more accurate a feeder is, the feeder has to keep up with technology after all. Mechanical/pneumatic feeders have a fixed pitch, often electronic feeder will have a programmable one, this helps if you are placing 0402 for exaample, as it can index forwards one part instead of two. I can't speak for Universal ones and its varies from machine to machine.

Pneumatic Yamaha run $50 new from > china.

No they don't, they would be FAKE Chinese copies, being and old design, popular and entirely mechanical that makes them easy and worthwhile to copy.

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