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Total Newb, seeking training on MY-9

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Total newbee, seeking training on a MY-9... | 31 October, 2017


I am seeking training for operation of an existing MY9 being used in a small prototyping lab...

I'm a newb to operating a MY9. (The guy who knew anything here is "not accessible".)

I the basic concepts and have seen the system operate, but am a bit "deer in the headlights at the moment".

I am seeking direction to useful study materials, videos and any other guidance available.

I have CNC and programming experience in other settings in know a couple of programming languages, and am experienced with Linux OS distros; so, it's not a cold boot.

Any inputs/suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

Thanks -T.

(PS - Before anyone suggests "Read the manual", it/they cannot be found and the manufacturer wants more for a set than the company is willing to pay.)

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Total newbee, seeking training on a MY-9... | 1 November, 2017

I don't think you will find any of that out there and freely available. As I recall MyData was one of those manufacturers who insist you do their training at their facility which limits the ability for the material to escape into the wild. I would suggest one way or another they are going to have to pay, and if I were you I would push for actual training not some manuals. You might be able to get somewhere with someone who sells 2nd user or refurbished units. Its that or try to find someone localish who works or has worked on them...

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Total newbee, seeking training on a MY-9... | 8 November, 2017

Send me your email address

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