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PCB routing

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PCB routing | 30 August, 2017

Hello Gurus,

I'm looking for information on FOD generated by routers, more specifically a vacuum equipped Cencorp 1000BR.

I want to ensure that this machine can route a populated panel without needing a wash afterwards in order to meet IPC CL3 standards.

The panel details are as follows: The panel about 0.027inch thick and is a 20-up array of boards (boards arranged 2x10). Each board is roughly 0.7inch by 1.5inch and has to be routed on all four sides. The route diam is roughly 0.1inch.

I know it's hard to give a real answer to this question, but I'm asking for a best guess. What are your experiences with routers and FOD post routing?

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PCB routing | 31 August, 2017

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