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Juki KE750 Axis Error

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Juki KE750 Axis Error (E200078) | 26 August, 2017

Hi Everyone. I am looking for some help with my Juki Ke750. The problem is that after booting up and then starting the home position function I receive an error as stated below

Message File Error E0000: KEY=200078 STATUS=2 C:¥X750 ¥GX3ERROR。MSG

Axis Error (E200078)

I can confirm that the message file can be read ok, as I can generate other faults, and the correct fault is displayed.

I have made 2 videos of the issue the first video is of the fault as it appears, the second video is of the motor controllers under the front of the machine. I notice during power down the Left Hand Controller does not display 972 which indicates a power drop. but the other two controllers display 972. I hope this information is useful to help the diagnosis.

The Video Links are :

Looking for some help as my line is now down.

Thank you

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