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Quad 4C placement offset

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Quad 4C placement offset | 6 July, 2017

Hello, I have 3 Quad 4C one with Quad Align and 2 with the older lasers. All 3 machines have a placement offset issue. Every 4 or 5 boards one of the machines has a placement offset of about 10-20mills in one direction. A reset usually brings it back to normal placement. Our boards are panels of 4 and this can happen in the middle of a board. Is this a laser issue? An issue with the glass position rules? the position detector? or anything else. thanks

Claude Seenov inc.


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Quad 4C placement offset | 6 July, 2017

Are you sure the board is clamping tightly. If it moves during a run this can happen. Before reseting the machine. Go and check your feeders. If they are off the same amount....then the machine truly has a drift in that axis...if the feeders are still aligned....then the board is moving. I have also seen a loose camera lens cause this type of issue. You can email if you have further questions.....go to....


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