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Samsung QSA error

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Samsung QSA error | 8 June, 2017

We have a Samsung that we have replaced all the amps and are still getting the Z axis motor alarm failure. On the “Position Window” before and after we try to “Home” the machine, the values for “Z-Axis” for all three heads prior to the “Home” action are all in the 40.188 to 40.190 range. Once the “Home” button is pushed, the values on heads #2 & #3 go from zero to 40.188 and 40.190 respectively then stop while the value for head #1 cycles up past 131.3 and then the “Motor alarm” message comes up.

What causes this value to rise? As stated before we have replaced all three head Z-axis amps with no change. Appreciate any help.

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Samsung QSA error | 12 June, 2017

So what your telling me is kind of vague.

Does the machine home and go to the front left corner of the machine? If it does....this could be a quad align problem....meaning dirt on the lens or so-forth.

You should watch the heads homing in the z-axis. It sounds like head 1 has an issue. Is it moving at all? Does it move down and up?


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Samsung QSA error | 12 June, 2017

The machine does not move to the home position. Once we hit the "Home" button all three heads will move up to the "Home" position but then 5 to 10 seconds later the following error pops up "Error 1531 - Z Axis motor alarm" before any "xy" movement is seen. In this short sequence is where we see the numbers on the "Position Window" scroll up. For a split second we observe a alarm #2 light indicator on the head #1 servo amp before machine alarms. Simon

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Samsung QSA error | 12 June, 2017

were the amps programmed proberly for your machine.

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Samsung QSA error | 13 June, 2017

Yes. All amps were properly programmed and tested with another Samsung machine. In addition head #1 Z-axis motor was also swapped out.


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