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PCB Laser Depaneling

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 3 April, 2017

Lasers can be used to depanel individual PCBs from panels. In addition, laser depaneling is often used when very tight tolerances are required for PCBs such as when there is very little room in an enclosure that the board is fitting in to. But the challanges occur when damages and fractures to substrates and circuits occur due to mechanical stress. Can anyone have any solution to like this problems?

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 3 April, 2017

Use a router with fiducial correction? in reality if you are putting a PCB in a plastic enclosure then the injection moulding is going to have far greater tolerances than a laser or router depanelised PCB is. Also, if our laser markers are anything to go by then there will be dust. Lots of dust. Lots and lots of dust. And the smell of burning FR4. Also laser depanelisers aren't going to like it if you use metal PCBs.

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 3 April, 2017

yes, bob, usually below 0.8mm

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 17 July, 2017

you can try Guillotine type PCB Depaneling machine, with very low cut stress , won't hurt components , the cut blade thickness can be make to 0.7mm .

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 21 July, 2017

For straight line cuts I like the Maestro depanelizer. If you have to make cuts that curve, then a router will work. If you do use a laser you may want to consider putting it in a room with an exhaust fan. Something that can really move some air, not a residential bathroom style one. It is going to smell, and the "hens" will cackle.

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 28 August, 2017

What are the key components of PCB laser depaneling system??

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 30 August, 2017

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PCB Laser Depaneling | 31 August, 2017

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