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SMT line cable management

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SMT line cable management | 7 February, 2017

Looking for recommendations on drop ceiling busway/raceway to neaten our cabling. It is intended for a surface mount line with varying power requirements, data/com lines, and air drops.

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SMT line cable management | 7 February, 2017

In a previous life, I ran ladder-racks for cable runs. Some of the vertical supports got a little tricky/limited any future movement of the line, but, that was a minor drawback.

If you're running in the ceiling, they make cable hangars for the ladder racking.

All in all, it was a relatively low-cost method.

Cheers, ..rob

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SMT line cable management | 7 February, 2017

Our entire shop floor has a hanging uni-strut grid ceiling approx. 10 feet up. The actual ceiling of the building is probably 16 ft. max ceiling with pitch. We run all air lines and power on it. The uni-strut is hung by all-thread rods. Sounds complicated but it actually goes up fast. We have an electrician install all power so it is to code especially the high voltage stuff. All of it runs on uni-strut in conduit. Additionally all main air lines are compression fitting tubing so it can be added on easily at any time. Drops are just plain old rubber lines from manifolds in various location. You could design a basic route for a uni-strut grid for what you have now then add to it when needed.

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