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Heller Oven

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Heller Oven | 31 January, 2017

My oven is a Heller 1809 EXL. Some zones are overheating, reaching more than double of specified (SP). What can be the cause of this?

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Heller Oven | 31 January, 2017

Most probably some of your convection blowers don't work.

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Heller Oven | 31 January, 2017

You can contact Heller service by email to get help with any issue. High Deviation or high process alarm could be due to one of the below reason. A. Blower motor in subject zone is not running – check for air flow B. Heater element– This requires measuring resistance of the heater element and make sure it should not open or short to the ground. C. SSR (KS1) for delivering voltage to subject zone is defective – this requires measuring different voltage drops across the SSR in order to determine if it is functioning correctly. D. Thermocouple wire in subject zone- it should not be shorted to ground or open. Also make sure it should not be loose at terminal block. E. Or you could have a combination of any of the above.

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Heller Oven | 1 February, 2017

Usually it's the motor start caps blowing on the motors - take one off a failed motor and check the type strapped to the side - our older ones use these:

They are under $10 USD each

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Heller Oven | 7 February, 2017

On a our electricity ovens the most common problem with overheating zones is usually the solid state relays.Not sure if this would relate to the Heller ovens.

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Heller Oven | 8 February, 2017


Yes, this applies to Heller ovens. I had the exact same problem. The SSR failed and current continues to flow through the heating coils until it triggers an emergency shut down.

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