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Solder bath temperature

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Solder bath temperature | 23 January, 2017

i have an issue with solder bath temperature. there is a big difference in temperature of alloy in the middle of the bath and at the ends(about 35C). i took down heating elements for inspection and they look fine. its just that most of the heat is created at middle of bath and while there is working temperature at middle, solder alloy hasnt melted yet at ends. this becomes even bigger problem when pump is started, leading to mixing of different temperatures alloys and shutting down pump. model is EBSO SPA 400. heaters are declared as 400V 1400W. i have just bought it from FixTrade and it was supposed to be in working condition, but as is now we are far away from starting production with this machine.

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Solder bath temperature | 26 January, 2017

What type of solder are you using, Lead or Lead-Free? What is the melting point of it?

What temperature are you setting your solder bath to?

Possible solutions: 1) Give your solder bath a little more time to even out the temperature across the entire bath. 2) Increase the temperature setting of your solder bath. You should be able to find a temperature that is hot enough on the sides and works with the pump while not being too hot in the middle.

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Solder bath temperature | 14 February, 2017

Soldering Bath - When we need to tin high-power contacts or a lot of wires, for example, in making harnesses, a regular soldering iron is either impossible to use due to the high thermal capacitance requirement, or takes way too long to perform the task. And this is exactly where a soldering bath like this one - CT-11 C - comes in. This soldering bath is not too high-powered. Its capacitance is relatively low - 150 Watt. However, it is also enough to tin most of the parts that we come across in our everyday life. The front panel of the device has only two control units - a soldering bath switch and a temperature regulator. This is very complex work and always done by highly experience and professionals.

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