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Flexjet to Flex

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Flexjet to Flex | 9 December, 2016

I have one GSM2 with Flexjet on both beam. I want to replace one beam with Flex head to get more flexibility. My machine is equip with ULC in both front and rear. Also, it is OS/2 with 4.5 software. I do have one working Flex head that can be use.

Is it possible? What is required?


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Flexjet to Flex | 12 December, 2016

Yes, that should be possible. You will need flex nozzle changers and different LP servo cards for head theta and z-axis control.

- Dejan

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Flexjet to Flex | 13 December, 2016


The Flex requires a 44316801 16 I/O PCB in the I/O toaster. We have these in stock and are here to help if needed.

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