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Electronic Components Distributors

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Electronic Components Distributors | 15 November, 2016

There is a lot of competition between Electronic Components Distributors. How can i select the best Electronic Components Distributor with ease?

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Electronic Components Distributors | 15 November, 2016

1) Look at who is actually franchised to sell the manufacturer in your region, cross check with MFG website. You can buy non-franchised, but if something goes wrong don't expect the local guys to help.

2) Do your engineers/customers need technical support with any of these products (ie. FPGA's DSPs, Micros), or are they already receiving it? If so narrow down it further. Don't expect to get free local support if you buy elsewhere.

3) Set up a vendor rating system, allowing you to quantify how good your suppliers actually are, based on hard metrics like OTIF, Quality, certification.

4) Try and build your relationship with the supplier, and with their manufacturers - then when you need price or technical support you can pick up the phone. Also when the evils of allocation hit you will be firmly in the queue for product.

5)Turn down all offers of hospitality, it will compromise you. Also we want all our suppliers spending money on stock & systems not beer.

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Electronic Components Distributors | 16 December, 2016

In order to make long-term plans, very good supplier of electronic components, from the supplier's history and company scale of the strength of the company, a good supplier will bring more convenience and cost

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Electronic Components Distributors | 7 January, 2017

Electronic components distributor offering semiconductors, interconnects, electro-mechanical, power supplies, PCB Repair, BGA rework and measurement equipment. In order to select the electronic distributor we must remain updated with Technology news and design tips regularly because the technology is changing very fast. Broad-line electronic components distributor has online ordering, market research and board builder game. We at BEST also offer online electronic pcb repair service as well as IPC training with IPC standards. More detail about us

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