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Topaz X Head Optimization

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Topaz X Head Optimization | 28 February, 2012

So, got the Topaz X up and running. It has (4)FNC nozzles on 2, 4, 6, 8, and (4)74A Nozzles on 1, 3, 5, 7.

We are trying to optimize it to pick up 8 components, then move over the camera, then to the PCB and place them. In the Mount data, we load heads 2, 4, 6, & 8 with a 3216 Resistor, then them next 4 components are LED's, and are loaded on heads 1, 3, 5, & 7.

So, one would think it would fill all eight heads, then move over to the board to place them. It doesn't. It loads the four 3216 resistors, scans them across the camera, and places them, then comes back and picks up the LED's on the other four heads, scans them and places them.

What triggers it to go place the parts that are loaded on the heads?

Is it a head number that causes it to place the parts?

Can it only carry four parts over to the PCB at a time?

Can it only vision check four part at a time?

Do we need to put the eight parts in a group?

Thanks for the help.

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Topaz X Head Optimization | 5 March, 2012

Anyone have any input on this? I have checked to make sure all the component I am trying to pick up at the same time have the same camera, light levels, and detection type. I can't figure out why it picks 4 parts up, places them, then comes back for the other four parts on the other heads, and places them?

Any ideas?

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Topaz X Head Optimization | 6 March, 2012


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Topaz X Head Optimization | 6 March, 2012

I did optimize. All it did was change the order or the resistors it picked up and placed, and changed the order of the LED's that it picked up and placed. Still only four parts at a time.

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Topaz X Head Optimization | 6 March, 2012

OK, did some more testing this afternoon.

First, I moved the LED’s from feeder location #23 to Feeder location 30. This is three down from the other component(#33) it is picking, so it should be able to hit them both at the same time for two of the picks. It didn’t make any change. Picked the first four, placed, then pick the second four, then placed.

Next, I swapped mount locations 4 & 5 so that they would be interleaved. It loads the first three, places them, then loads the fourth and places it, then loads the fifth, places it, then loads six seven & eight, then places them. Not what I expected.

I am doing something wrong somewhere, I just don’t know where.

Do the FNC nozzles need to change when nothing is on any of the heads?

The basic info database for the two parts is different?

I have attached screen captures of both components, and the mount screens.

Thanks for all your input.


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Topaz X Head Optimization | 15 March, 2012

On your mount data it has to go 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 once it goes to a higher number then the previous it has place and start over try that out

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Topaz X Head Optimization | 25 March, 2012

I used Topaz x and X2 long time ago. I might be wrong, but let's check the thickness of components and the camera light recognizing setup for each part. (?). They may be too different to be optimized for simultaneously pick-up and place.

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Topaz X Head Optimization | 4 April, 2012


For "gang-pick" you need to have nearly the same Pick High. And for simultanious scan over the camera the Z Value of the parts have to be nearly the same too. The allowed differences are somewhere in the Machine Info or Machine Config. Try some parts with the same thickness.

Excuse my bad english please. Hope you understood.


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Topaz X Head Optimization | 4 April, 2012

I have continued to try and make this work, but I've had no success. I have tried everything that everyone has suggested. It might be the component height, but I can't change that. I guess I could increase the resistor thinkness, and add some height to the pick & mount heights to make it still place the parts on the board.

It simul/gand picks SOT-23 FET's & DO-214 Diodes. They are not the same height.

Still trying to figure this out.


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Topaz X Head Optimization | 4 April, 2012

Setting the 1206 resistors and the LED to the same height didn't make it load all 8 heads before it moved over to place the parts.

Any other ideas?

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Topaz X Head Optimization | 5 April, 2012


Did you try to pick all parts with the same type of nozzle? The LEDs are not so big that you have to use a nozzle 74.


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Topaz X Head Optimization | 5 April, 2012

I have told the Topaz that it has 73 nozzles installed, and selected to use 73 nozzles for the LED's. THe 74 nozzles are actually on the machine.

I think it has something to do with the part dimensions in the vision section. The part is 5mm x 6mm x 3mm. With a search area of 5mm, that tells the vision system that any reflective spots in a 15mm x 16mm rectangle are for this part. So, the vision may tell it not to load any parts next to the LED's, since when rotating, they may hit one another, or get in one anothers vision area.

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