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F4G base program...

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F4G base program... - Jan 31, 2012 by Rodrigo  

F4G base program... - Feb 09, 2012 by SME  

F4G base program... - Feb 21, 2012 by kiss  


F4G base program... | 31 January, 2012

Hi all,

I used to be able to set a base program when optimizing in the MCS so that the new program would have the common feeders in the same location as the original... with a few exeptions. I'm trying to do this in the F4G and it is not working. I tried changing the options but it always comes out the same and this is not close to the original.

I want to have the top and bottom layers common parts (like 90% of all parts) in the same location. I see a PST option but I didn't use that in the MCS. Is a PST the way to do this in the F4G?


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F4G base program... | 9 February, 2012

Yes PST is what you need to use

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F4G base program... | 21 February, 2012

If memory serves correct, your part name or part Id must be actual part numbers. You cannot use the device comments for part numbers in F4G. If memory serves correct.

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