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Topaz files, information

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Topaz files, information | 8 July, 2011

Hello, i´m trying to do a program to convert a text file from Altium to Topaz-X files. But i dont have any information about its format. Can someone help me


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Topaz files, information | 8 July, 2011

I use a program called Cad2Cad to convert the data for our Opals. It was given to me by the Assembleon sales rep when we were shopping machines. It was free at the time but I'm not sure if you have to be under contract to get it from them now. I take the .txt output from Altium and strip out what I don't need in Excel and then save it as a .csv for import into Cad2Cad.

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Topaz files, information | 10 July, 2011


Topaz files, information | 11 July, 2011

Thanks i will to prove the program of Sarason.

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Topaz files, information | 11 July, 2011

The program reads the Altium PCB directly and does some preprocessing, like centreing DPAK's etc. The ordering of components can be sorted by Designator. Top, bottom, SMT only components can be selected. There are 2 variation on VIOS :- JH_YM100_VIOS, Yamaha YVxx series and 2 variations on UFOS :- Yamaha YM6021, Yamaha YMxx series. The program can't do any feeder sorting after this.

regards Sarason.

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Topaz files, information | 20 February, 2012

Have you done any more work on this? I have a program that reads the Altium files, a feeder database,and makes a UFOS file for the older CSM machines. I can't get the UFOS to VIOS convertor on our Topaz X to read the UFOS *.BRD files. It stops and give an error when converting to VIOS.

I am going to make a new version to write a a VIOS file.

Does anyone have the offline VIOS editor optimiser utility for a PC?

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Topaz files, information | 21 February, 2012


We developed a small software tool - PROCAM which imports Gerber data and allows the user to automatically convert pads to components and then outputs directly a VIOS file for use in Topaz or any other GemLine machine. If you need more information, you can contact me offline at

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Topaz files, information | 22 February, 2012

I have done some revision work on the UFOS format. But in my research I found that the format has a bit of variation in it on my old YM6021 the component field has 6 digits and the later YM series it has 8, also does the designator comment crash your machine. The other question was the panel information. I assumed O00001 that is (Oh 4 *zero + 1)was the first panel. If you have any more data / version information,

an old DOS program you know is correct I am very interested!

The VIOS file has also undergone revision and could do with a little more as I have conflicted information on what constitutes a valid line in the feeder part of the file ex: "&F 1=TQFP-44A " my other example has "&F 0=SOL-20000000000000003000000000000" or thereabouts.

reagrds Sarason

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Topaz files, information | 15 March, 2012

AMS 2.0 contact assemblon its expensive but works great for our machines.

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