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Fuji CP6-4000

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Fuji CP6-4000 - Dec 13, 2007 by kpm  

Fuji CP6-4000 - Dec 14, 2007 by Kris Roberson  

Fuji CP6-4000 - Dec 14, 2007 by Fastek  

Fuji CP6-4000 - Dec 17, 2007 by kpm  

Fuji CP6-4000 - Dec 17, 2007 by Fastek  

Fuji CP6-4000 - Dec 21, 2007 by nhantruong  

Fuji CP6-4000 - Dec 21, 2007 by muarty  



Fuji CP6-4000 | 13 December, 2007

Management at my shop is interested in the Fuji CP6-4000. I have no experience with the Fuji machines and was hoping anyone familiar with this machine would share thier thoughts. I was most curious about what people thought about the ease of programing, change over, and operation. Also how hard are they to maintenance and upkeep, are the replacement parts cheap and easy to find? How is Fuji's support on thier machines. Thanks for your opinions.

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Fuji CP6-4000 | 14 December, 2007

What machines have you worked with previously?

Depending on the programming software used, CP6 can be relativly easy to program.

CP6 has been a workhorse in the industry for a long time. One the process is set up, maintain the machines acording to the schedule and they will give you years of accuracy and speed. Yes, there are faster, yes, there are less expensive. BUT, this is another case of, "You get what you pay for". It's worth the extra capital for high vaolume, medium mix process. For a high volume, use both tables with identical set up (a little extra capital for feeders required) and with a good operator you will have nearly cease-less production. For high mix, use seperate tables. Set up one table while the other is running. Incorporate bar code reading, the rails can move automatically, change over tables and you're off and running.

Cons- can be very expensive in replacement parts IF and when it breaks down. If you don't maintain it acording to the schedule, don't even bother.

If you can't trust your operators to change feeders in a reasonable amount of time, the duplicate tables can lead to long down times. (Operator waits for both tables to be out of parts before refilling feeders)

If you like splicing, this is not the machine for you, it's just not possible.

Hope this helps.

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Fuji CP6-4000 | 14 December, 2007

Considering you will be buying a used one and considering you can probably find one for sale at around $30K-$40K I would argue you CANNOT find a faster machine for less money these days.

Amazing actually to realize that you could pick up a CP-6 for that kind of money today when someone paid around $600K for it when it was new. Even more amazing to realize that the machine probably runs just as well as it did when it was new.

A great machine........they just don't build them like this anymore.

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Fuji CP6-4000 | 17 December, 2007

I have personally worked with MYData, Quad, and Panasonic in the past. We are a High Mix, Low Volume CM. The plan that is in the works is to use the CP6 to place all chip components and then use our MYData TP9 or MY12 to place the rest of the components. I personally am a little leary of this plan. I think it will be very difficult to try and optomize the programs between the two machines. Especially since the TP9 and MY12 do not have conveyors and we would have to rely on the operators to carry boards back and forth. I think we would be losing the benifits of CP6's CPH in the setups and transfer of boards since we are a low volume house. I can't imagine being able to finish setups for new jobs in the time it takes us to run a 50 to 200 piece order. What does eveyone else think? Like I said I've never run the Fuji's before so I could have completely the wrong idea,but from speaking with another gentleman who has though I believe I'm on the right track.

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Fuji CP6-4000 | 17 December, 2007

If you have worked with Panasonic chipshooters in the past then you have all the experience necessary to make a wise decision.

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Fuji CP6-4000 | 21 December, 2007

If you want to use fuji CP6 machine, you have to buy the the fuji flexa software.Because the old software from fuji (MCS or F4G) they are not support anymore. In the flexa software you can make top and bottom side in the same program, you can move the feeders wherever you want.In the CP6 machine have 2 tables and 140 slots, so that you can set up 2 or 3 more jobs on the machine when machine is running. In the flexa software you can see all the parts you have to load on the board and you can skip what locations you want in 1 click.CP6 machine can place parts size from 0402 to plcc44 depent how you make the PD. If you have CP6 and MYData, you can make the program for CP6 placing small size parts and BGA or QF.. for MYData machine. If you have any question, you can email to me.

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Fuji CP6-4000 | 21 December, 2007

For the money I don't believe you could pick up a better machine. Especially if you are only planning to use it as a Chip Shooter. Buying 2nd hand I would strongly advise that you have the machine Health Checked prior to purchasing it. The machines are workhorses but the maintenance schedules should be adhered to. Spare parts are readily available, with most consumable items also available through 3rd party manufacturers. Programming etc is pretty straight forward. Hope this helps, any more questions then feel free to mail me.

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